WK 3, HCS 529: DR 2

WK 3, HCS 529: DR 2

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Dr. Doria Chege

Hi Amanda and Class,

I enjoyed your response and agreed that latent conditions must be identified and mitigated where possible in the planning process. It is imperative during the planning phase of healthcare facility design that all the factors that play a role in patient safety should be considered. 

“A growing body of research shows that features in the built environment—such as light, noise, air quality, room layout, and others—contribute to adverse patient safety outcomes, like healthcare-associated infections, medication errors, and falls in healthcare settings (Joseph & Rashid, 2007; Ulrich et al., 2008)” (Silvis, 2012). The intricacies of healthcare facility design are so particular that those seemingly common factors such as lighting and flooring are overlooked in terms of how this could potentially affect patients and even healthcare workers.”Given the massive investment anticipated in healthcare facility construction in the next 10 years, there is an urgent need for a well-defined and standard methodology to identify and eliminate built environment latent conditions that impact patient safety during the planning, design, and construction of healthcare facilities” (Silvis, 2012).

Besides looking at the patient safety regulations from a healthcare perspective, considering potential patient harm from a lack of patient safety precautions directly impacts financial reimbursements. The stakeholders pay extremely close attention.


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