1. With the use of the video, Race: The Power of Illusion, and Racism by Miles & Brown (2003), explain the social construction of race through the numerous phases (religion, politics, science, IQ, etc). You must explain the transition from one phase to another, leading to our current understanding of race. 

2. Examining the view of race as a biological deficiency in Miles & Brown (2003), explain how this view to race is present in the frames of colorblind racism by Bonilla-Silva (2001). 

3. We often hear the saying “People of color cannot be racist”. Explain how racism as a collective concept is related to political, social, and economic power as well as inequality and oppression. Additionally, explain the role of discrimination and prejudice among people of color.

4. Explain Institutional Racism from Miles & Brown (2003) and connect this to the numerous institutions at play in the video, A Dangerous Idea: The History of Eugenics in America.

5. Using Bonilla-Silva (2001), explain the “toolkit” and how it is connected to colorblind frames, storylines, and styles. Who uses this “toolkit”? How do they learn about what goes in the “toolkit”?

6. We know that race is a social construct. Explain what this means in connection to the development of colorblind racism by Bonilla-Silva (2001). 

Responses must be 300 words per question.