Grand Canyon University Community Health Needs Discussion

Grand Canyon University Community Health Needs Discussion

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“A community health improvement process looks outside of the performance of an individual organization serving a specific segment of a community to the way in which the activities of many organizations contribute to community health improvement” (Durch, Bailey, & Stoto, 1997). If I was a program manager at a local public health department, I would first need to know my community and gather data on their present status of physical activities. Assessing the population is the first step before my planning begins. My initial goal is to understand the need for an increase of physical activity for the adults in the community and set attainable goals by specific dates to achieve them by. Planning is a multi-step process that begins with defining the problem and develops into an evaluation plan. Once I diagnose the problem, the planning process can begin. 

First, I would create a team to help me with my planning for the intervention. Having a supportive group with a passion for improvement is key to onward success. I would delegate roles and manage expectations within my team. 

Second, I would create the goal of the intervention. By what percent do I want to increase physical activity in the community? How do I find a number that can be measured when it comes to activities?

Third, I would get community input and ask what sort of resources would promote physical activity and understand what they are already doing to get moving. 

Fourth, I would create a model and proposal for my interventions to increase activity that I can present to the stakeholders that would help me fund, create, and promote the health of the community. 

Lastly, I would evaluate my plan and revise if necessary. Being amendable is the key to long term success. Communication strategies, active listening, and removing ego or judgement from the job is going to leave my community with lasting positive change.