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Disction zeel906

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Module 9 question Trouble Shooting Internet Connections

If there’s one networking challenge everyone who’s used a computer has faced, it’s figuring out how to connect your devices to the Internet. Whether you’re looking for an open Wi-Fi hotspot, changing the password on your own Wi-Fi, or talking with your ISP’s customer service to troubleshoot a connection problem, you’ve used problem solving to work through the challenges. When facing these potentially frustrating problems, it helps to have a plan for how to find the solution. Answer the following questions.

  • In a web browser, do a search for tips, tricks, hints, and steps for troubleshooting Internet connection issues. Make a list of ideas from at least three sources that you can use for future reference.

Module 10 question about Password Design

Recommendations on how to create secure passwords continue to shift as researchers study the vulnerability of passwords in known data breaches. For example, how long should a password really be? How much complexity is really needed? How often should passwords be rotated—if at all? Are long passphrases more secure than complex passwords?

Do some research online about debates surrounding passwords. Then respond to the following question:

  • What is one password debate you believe is significant?