CRJU Annotated bibliography

CRJU Annotated bibliography

Annotated bibliography on an Article Juvenile detention center 

1. FIRST write out the article you are annotating with the full citation of the article

2. AFTER this, please use the following recommended template/Subtitles:

A. Introduction

B. Summary of the article (annotation) … no personal views

C. Evaluation of the article (cite another article – one citation in this assignment is ok)

D. Conclusions and Policy Implications

3. At the “Evaluation” section above, you must cite another article (apart from the one you are annotating). You need to do this at least one time in this assignment.

  1. Do you like the area/topic or issue covered in the article?
  2. Why?
  3. Are the issues covered useful? Contemporary? Interesting? … etc
  4. How about the language used in the article – easy or difficult to follow and understand?
  5. Findings – surprise? – agree with findings?
  6. Policy implications of the finding or suggestions based on the finding – any thoughts?
  7. Lengthy article …. brief article or just average?
  8. Usefulness of the article especially issues covered
  9. Methodology used .…
  10. Statistical analyses …
  11. Conclusions
  12. Is the article practically useful – utility and usefulness of the article
  13. Type of data used in the article and your views about the data
  14. Simple or complex statistical analysis?
  15. Other comments … etc