Apa paper

Apa paper

I can’t seem to bring myself to write this paper and I really need help with it. I need it finished by 2/12/23. Always refer to your syllabus for due dates, additional instructions, and formatting.

Due Week #4

Assignment:  Margaret Heffernan: The sound of things not being said.  The link to this Youtube video is below. 

Below you will find four articles with their correct reference format. Choose ONLY two articles from this list. Refer to the syllabus for additional directions. (The spacing may look off because of the resolution of your computer.)

Chou, S. Y., & Chang, T. (2020). Employee silence and silence antecedents. International Journal of

Business Communications, 57(3), 401-426.

Hassan, S., DeHart-Davis, L., & Jiang, Z. (2018). How empowering leadership reduces employee

silence in public organizations. Public Administration, 97, 116-131.

Morrison, E. W., See. K. L., & Pan, C. (2015). An approach-inhibition model of employee silence–

The joint effects of personal sense of power and  target openness. Personnel Psychology68, 547-580.

Robinson, R. , & Shuck, B. (2019). A penny for your thoughts–Exploring experiences of

engagement, voice, and silence.  Journal of Organizational Psychology,19(4), 129-135.

Pick two of the following topics, use them as headings in your paper, and discuss them.

  • The Consequences of Employee Silence
  • The Fear of Speaking Up
  • Advantages of Asking Questions
  • How to Encourage Employee Questions
  • How Employee Voice Effects Organizational Performance

Change Matrix Form for Week #4 Paper

Change Matrix Exercise Example